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  • Do you feel lackluster at your current company as a HVAC specialist or electrician?
  • Do you want more out of your skill set and knowledge?
  • Are you tired of being ranked based off of your sales quota over your repair quota?
  • Are you less concerned about how much commission or spiff you can make on a customer, but more concerned about how you can serve and help a customer?
  • Would you prefer a set, dependable schedule over a unknown, run until your done based schedule?
  • Do you currently have on the job training with an employer that cares about you learning and growing?
  • Did you join the HVAC and electrical industry with a passion and interest to actually fix things and solve problems versus selling things and constantly being pressured to “up-sell” customers on products that you don’t believe in or that they do not need?

Airstream Services is currently seeking YOU as a valued team member and work family member. We are a 7+ year company looking for a foundation technician that wants to transform their job path into a career path. We value technical skill and work ethic over any sales ability. Airstream Services is a “people over profits” company and we strive to take care of our employees and customers first before focusing on how much money we are making at the end of the day. 

Some of the Perks and Benefits We Offer Include:

  •  Health and Life Insurance Packages
  • Retirement Investment with select Company matching options
  • Guaranteed 40 hour work week
  • On-Call rotation with a minimum $100 extra On-Call bonus
  • Fixed schedule for both regular work week and on-call work week
  • No paper invoices or work orders; all app based work flow for efficiency and convenience
  • No hounding or pressure from management; freedom to run your work day within a set schedule time frame
  • In-House training and spec units available

These are only a few benefits listed to peak your interest. We are looking for true technicians in the field and industry. We value the ability to fix problems over the ability to sell new units and upgrades. If you feel that your skills are becoming watered down and that your knowledge is under appreciated; then contact us today in regards to setting your path towards your future Career.

Hear Stories From Those We've Helped! Our Reviews

  • “Airstream replaced an older central unit and installed an EV charger at our home. Both jobs were performed as scheduled and for the quoted prices. Pricing was fair and all of their guys showed up on time. Their work was tidy, and the install guys were all ” - Taylor S.
  • “I have used Airstream services for an electrical outlet installation and most recently for a heat pump repair. Both times I’ve been very pleased with their timely response and the necessary work that was done.” - Patricia D.
  • “Connor came to do our electrical inspection and he was very kind and polite. He was on time and they even text to tell me he was on his way and again when he arrived.” - Jac C.
  • “After a night and day sweating in our house, we realized our AC was really broken and I called Airstream thinking they were a Lebanon company. I was surprised to hear they're based in M'boro but still service Lebanon. They were kind on the phone and said t” - A F.
  • “I had an outlet arc and burn, taking out all the outlets in half my kitchen. I called Airstream and they sent someone out within a few hours.” - Mary N.
  • “Very professional in the way they communicate with the customers and each other! Very reasonable prices and fast service.” - Kevin L.
  • “We had our Bi-Yearly service check of our Home & Shop Heating & Cooling Systems. As always, the Service Techs were on time, courteous & professional.” - Kelly P.
  • “Have loved Gus and his crew from the beginning! So glad they are an option for Murfreesboro because I’ve tried the others and this company made a customer for life!” - Heather S.
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