Heat Pump Issues Murfreesboro TN

With this winter season weighing in Airstream Services has a couple of tips to look for if you own a heat pump.

Heat pumps work extremely well for Murfreesboro’s moderate winters but since they contain more parts than your typical gas furnace, there are some signs you’ll want to be aware of just in case.

Do you notice that your thermostat remains at a certain temperature but never satisfies? This constant running of your system is a telltale sign of a primary heat issue. Primary heat is essentially the heat pump circuit. Your heat pump requires a sufficient amount of refrigerant to operate within nominal range and when you have too little or even too much refrigerant your heat pump will have trouble keeping up with your thermostat’s target temperature.

Is your thermostat set to 72 and never able to get there or drop in temperature? This “drop” in temperature is a sign of your secondary heat not functioning properly. Secondary heat in your typical heat pump is powered by electricity. Electricity heats up coiled elements that look very similar to the coils you find in a toaster or oven. There are many components that bring this part of the system on line and if it is not functioning as it should your system will never reach your desired temperature.

If you are noticing any of these issues with your unit feel free to give us a call at Airstream Services and let one of our trained technicians take a look.

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