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Choosing a brand of HVAC system for your home is a very important decision, but most people don’t realize that an even more important factor to consider is WHO is putting that system in. While brand selection does have its importance when selecting the next HVAC system for your Murfreesboro or middle TN home, who is installing and benchmarking that system should always be the first deciding factor. The installation of any new piece of equipment is the most important process AND day of the systems life. Improper installation practices and techniques can make or break the overall systems life expectancy and efficient performance. In the majority of cases for premature parts failure, improper installation practices is one of the most common contributors to the cause of failure. Most of the time, when systems are assembled and shipped from the factories; these systems and manufacturers have no idea what type of business or home they are being installed on and are heavily relying on the installing contractor to properly set, install and balance the new equipment to the home or business. The old adages of “Good work ain’t cheap” and “cheap work ain’t good” or “You get what you pay for” can typically be very relevant statements when choosing the lowest bidding contractor for your homes HVAC needs. Fly by night contractors love to put a quick buck in their pocket due to the fact that they already know they never plan on stepping foot back on your property after the equipment is installed and set up.

A reputable contractor already factors for return visits, balancing procedures and even potential warranty problems that may arise in the future operations of your equipment and are more than available and willing to come out when you are in need of service. You should always verify that the installing contractor is a reputable, quality preferred company that is professionally licensed and bonded for the work that they do and perform. Usually, the initial consultation or estimate appointment with the contractor providing you solutions for your HVAC needs is a pretty good indicator of the type and quality of work they perform. Are they detailed? Did they look at every aspect of your HVAC equipment including connecting duct-work, electrical and other various components that may need attention and modification during the installation process. Are they just a salesman or “Comfort Advisor” looking to offer and up-sell the highest efficiency rating of equipment OR are they genuine technicians or installers that actually touch and work on the equipment in the field when it breaks and is need of service? Did you know that poor airflow, undersized or improperly sized duct work is a very common problem across the country and that poor airflow is the number one contender for premature failing equipment with issues? A good quality installing contractor will look for issues like poor airflow or poorly designed duct systems that are contributing to uncomfortable temperature swings throughout the home depending on what room you are standing in. Most reputable contractors will ensure and verify that the newly installed equipment is running per factory specifications and within accepted tolerances before leaving the job site and collecting payment. While branding does hold importance in the decision of choosing a new HVAC system for your home, please remember that the most important factor should be focused on the installer that you are choosing to perform and execute the work.

Airstream Heating & Cooling provides, heater repair and AC repair in Murfreesboro, TN and surrounding areas. Airstream has the experience, integrity, and reputation in the HVAC, air conditioning, and heating industry to help your family with all your HVAC needs. We provide quality, dependable and honest service and have built our reputation throughout the Murfreesboro and middle TN area based on the quality of our work and the professionalism we bring to your home. Our HVAC expert technicians are not paid based on commissions so you know you will get the right solution at the best price.

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