Electrical Contractor Murfreesboro TN

We can all agree that electricity was a pretty incredible invention. Let’s give a shout out to Einstein for that one. I’m so thankful to live in a time where I can walk into my home and turn the lights on. But what happens when you flick that switch up and nothing turns on? What about your refrigerator? Groceries are a pretty hefty investment and to have to throw them all away can be a nightmare. If your electricity is out and you need an electrical contractor in Murfreesboro, TN contact us at Airstream Team. We can make sure all that precious beef you have stocked up in your deep freezer doesn’t go to waste.

Ensuring your home is safe and running efficiently is what Airstream Services has helped homeowners in Murfreesboro and middle TN achieve. We provide full service 24 hour electrical repair services to our customers helping to ensure their homes are safe and that the electrical wiring is up to code and any potential electrical threats can be repaired before something catastrophic happens. A small electrical wiring problem can cause massive damage to your home, belongings and loved ones and we want to help you ensure your electrical wiring and devices are operating correctly. Give us a call today or fill out our online form to request an electrical evaluation or electrical repair.

Electrical Home Wiring Repairs
-Meter Enclosure Repairs
-Remodeling & Construction Repairs
-Panel & Circuit Breaker Repairs
-Back Up Power System Repairs
-Lighting Repairs
-Phone, TV and Computer Cabling Repairs
-Hot Tubs, Pools and Outdoor Wiring Repairs
-Old Wiring Replacement
-Surge Protection Repairs
-Electrical Car Charger Repairs
-Solar Panel Repairs

Contact Airstream Team of Murfreesboro, TN if your electricity is out and we can get you back up and running and no time and make sure your groceries don’t go to waste!

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