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Airstream Services based in Murfreesboro, TN provides quality and affordable electrical work throughout middle TN. We have built our reputation on superior customer service, quality electricians who can get the job done right and our impeccable attention to detail. We only hire quality electricians that have experience in both residential and commercial electrical work and have passed a thorough background check to be able to serve our customers professionally and at a very high level of customer service. Our electricians are always available 24 hours a day in case of emergency electrical services.

  • Residential Electrical - Complete residential electrical technicians trained to handle all home electrical needs
  • Commercial Electrical - Professional team that partners with you to complete the toughest electrical work
  • Smart Home Automation - Helping homeowners connect devices throughout their home
  • EV Home Power Stations - Top of the line home charging stations for electrical vehicles
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting - Complete indoor and outdoor lighting installations and repairs
  • Solar Panels - We can help you with your solar panel installations and repairs 

We would love the opportunity to work with you for all of your electrical needs. Give Airstream a call or fill out our online form to schedule an electrician to stop by. (615) 685-8822

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Residential Electricians Murfreesboro TN

When it comes to residential electrical issues, the circumstances can be daunting. Airstream has the experience and technology to be able to help homeowners with all of their electrical needs in Murfreesboro and through middle TN. Our experienced technicians can help homeowners with everything from minor wiring needs to complete new home electrical installations. Our commitment to the highest level of technology and automation help to ensure your home is not only up to code but also utilizing the latest technology to ensure your electrical work is done correctly potentially saving you money on your utility bills.

Our technicians are all fully trained, licensed and insured so you know when you contact Airstream for your electrical needs, we can help you get all of your electrical problems resolved. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

  • New Home Wiring
  • Meter Enclosure Repairs
  • Remodeling & Construction
  • Panel Repairs & Circuit Breakers
  • Back Up Power Systems
  • Lighting Repairs
  • Phone, TV and Computer Cabling
  • Hot Tubs, Pools & Outdoor Wiring
  • Old Wiring Replacement
  • Surge Protection
  • Electrical Car Charger
  • Solar Panels

Commercial Electricians Murfreesboro TN

At Airstream, we understand that you need an experienced team of electricians when it comes to your electrical concerns for your commercial property. We have the experience, technology and strong customer service skills to help you with all of your commercial electrical needs. We are an experienced electrical contractor in Murfreesboro, TN helping businesses with their commercial electrical needs throughout middle TN. Our team can help uncover hidden electrical issues, diagnose the problems and then fix any electrical concerns that you may have. We will outline our processes very clearly and provide an upfront quote with no hidden fees or charges.

We have 24 hour commercial electrical technicians ready to dispatch for any emergency you may have. You will have confidence knowing that you are working with a professional electrical contractor when you call Airstream. We would love the opportunity to assist you with all of your commercial electrical needs. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

  • Underground wiring
  • Directional boring
  • Trenching
  • Transformer pads
  • Motor starter
  • UPS devices
  • Backup generators
  • Computer wiring
  • Fiber optic wiring
  • Patch panels
  • Receptacles
  • Solar Panels

Hear Stories From Those We've Helped! Our Reviews

  • “Dillon was on time, professional, thorough and friendly. He took the time to explain everything to me. We just moved here and the previous owners left us a typed list of services they used.” - Renee G.
  • “Have loved Gus and his crew from the beginning! So glad they are an option for Murfreesboro because I’ve tried the others and this company made a customer for life!” - Heather S.
  • “It was a simple 2 day process. I called them - got an immediate schedule to veeify things and get a quote on Day 1.” - Jack L.
  • “We had our Bi-Yearly service check of our Home & Shop Heating & Cooling Systems. As always, the Service Techs were on time, courteous & professional.” - Kelly P.
  • “Hiller came out twice within a month to try to figure out and fix the issue, but they were totally useless. The third time it went out in 90+ degree heat, they refused to get us in sooner than a week and half later. We decided to cut our losses and go with” - Ashton A.
  • “I needed an electrician to rewire my side by side double bathroom remodel. Had 3 estimate done and Airstream Services cut the others by half.” - Arthur F.
  • “This is a great company! They helped us in a time of need. Our heat went out and it was 23 degrees. Dan was prompt and professional.” - Dolores M.
  • “Very professional and considerate. They come with tbeir own ppe. Nice company and good reps.” - Kenneth J.

Smart Home Automation Murfreesboro TN

Smart home automation is becoming more and more attractive to homeowners and for good reason. Being able to access and control all of your homes appliances and devices has made it much easier, more efficient and helped homeowners keep utility costs to a minimum. At Airstream, we help to make complete home automation a reality and can help connect your entire home to the internet for easy access.

With smart home automation, you can dictate how a device should react, when it should react and why it should react. No more running your HVAC unit while no one is home wasting money on utility bills. Control and monitor your security systems from your smart phone. See what your kids are doing while you are not at home. There are so many things you can do when it comes to smart home automation and Airstream provides the devices and service to help you get it all set up.

Give us a call today for more information or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

Electrical Vehicle Power Stations Murfreesboro TN

Electrical vehicles are no longer a look into the future. They are becoming more and more popular everyday as the rise in electrical vehicles purchased has skyrocketed over the past few years. Charging stations are more abundant throughout the US making it easier for people to drive farther while batteries are being made to extend the drive time of electrical vehicles. At Airstream, we are able to help you by installing top of the line home charging stations at your home. We work with the top manufacturers of charging stations to ensure you are able to charge your vehicle easily and very quickly.

We understand this industry and have invested a lot of time and money in our technology, products and team as we believe this is a trend that is here to stay for the long term. If you are looking at transitioning into an electrical vehicle, give Airstream a call or fill out our online form to request more information on our vehicle power stations.

Tesla Wall Connectors

Charge your Tesla at home with a Tesla Wall Connector – the fastest, most efficient home charging solution available. Simply plug in overnight and charge while you sleep. Wake up ready to go with a full charge for the day.


  • Charge your battery from zero to 80 percent (or more) in eight hours
  • Charging speeds over 90 percent faster than a Mobile Connector Bundle with NEMA 5-15 adapter (standard charging equipment included with vehicle purchase)
  • 11.5 kW max power – 50 percent greater max kW output than the fastest Mobile Connector/adapter pairing
  • Approved for both indoor/outdoor installation
  • Select between 8.5’ or 24’ cable length options
  • For owners with multiple Tesla vehicles: Up to four Tesla Wall Connectors can share available power, making it possible to charge multiple Tesla vehicles at home


Tesla recommends installing your Tesla Wall Connector into your current electrical system prior to taking delivery of your vehicle. Call Airstream for help with complete installation!

Trusted for a Reason What Sets Us Apart

  • Family Owned & Operated
    We understand that your home's comfort level affects a family as a whole and do our best to keep our business on a personal level with the goal of saving you money and time.
  • Part of the Community for Over a Decade
    We first called Murfreesboro home over 10 years ago and take great pride in helping our community & surrounding areas stay comfortable.
  • Honesty, Professionalism, Integrity
    Our customers are our number one priority.  Building a relationship that lasts a lifetime means more than upselling you on new equipment.
  • Highly Trained Team
    Airstream Services is home to some of the finest HVAC technicians & Electricians in the state.

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