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Airstream Services has served our Tennessee communities for ten years as honest and licensed experts that stand by our products. As a family-owned business, there is nothing we care about more than keeping your loved ones warm this winter with a reliable heater. Our expert heater installation in Murfreesboro can help by providing a new unit that is strong enough to last through severe weather. We’re here for you whenever you need us with 24/7 service.

Reach out to us today at (615) 685-8822 to speak to a member of our team about how you can stay comfortable with a new heater!

When Is It Time To Replace My Heater?

Being prepared when the days get shorter and the nights get colder is critical, so you don’t get stuck waiting for emergency solutions. 

Replace your heater before winter if it meets any of these conditions:

  • It’s 15+ years old: Most warranties last about ten years, but with proper maintenance, your unit can last 15-20 years. After your warranty expires, buying a new heater can prevent you from paying for repairs out of pocket.
  • Your monthly costs have increased: Any HVAC unit loses efficiency as it ages, which increases energy consumption and your monthly bills. A new unit is more efficient and can heat your home cost-effectively.
  • Frequent & costly repairs: A general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t pay for repairs that cost 50% or more of a new unit. The average price of a new unit is $5,000, so if you’re considering paying for a repair or series of repairs for $2,500 or more, replace the unit instead.
  • Uneven room temperatures: There can be many causes for uneven room temperatures, but one of them is having a heater that is too small for your home. The professionals at Airstream Services can help you decide which unit fits your home’s needs.

If you’re experiencing any of these requirements, it’s time to trust our team for expert heater installation in Murfreesboro. Let us make sure you have a reliable heater for this winter.

FAQ About Sizing Your Heater

Sizing your heater for your home is an essential but complicated step in making your home warm. Below are some common questions about how to get the right-sized unit for your space.

What are BTUs, and what do they mean?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units and measures your home’s heating and cooling needs. They can be measured with a Manual J calculation that uses your square footage, insulation, doors, and windows to calculate BTU requirements.

How do I calculate maximum BTUs?

Our initial calculation will measure the minimum BTUs to heat your home, but you shouldn’t always work your unit at 100%. We’ll add 15% to the minimum calculation to find the maximum BTUs.

What if my unit is too big/small for my home?

 A unit that is too small will cause uneven room temperatures because it will be unable to heat your home effectively. A system that is too big for your home will create unnecessary costs, including a more expensive unit and increased monthly bills. If you’re unsure what size unit you need, the team at Airstream Services is more than happy to help.

Our licensed professionals provide expert heater installation in Murfreesboro. We're the team to trust if you need help sizing your heater or knowing when it’s time for a replacement.

Don’t guess which heating unit is suitable for you! Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (615) 685-8822 or filling out our online contact form.

Hear Stories From Those We've Helped! Our Reviews

  • “Jerry did an excellent job for my summer HVAC maintenance. Meticulous, thorough, and educated me. Also found a faulty capacitor and exchanged for me to preserve my AC.” - Rishi N.
  • “Have loved Gus and his crew from the beginning! So glad they are an option for Murfreesboro because I’ve tried the others and this company made a customer for life!” - Heather S.
  • “Bought a 2-ton Bosch heat pump (2-stage I believe) from Airstream in 2018. Pricey, but quiet, and super efficient for both heating and cooling. Electricity bill is down significantly. Since then, Airstream has done regular maintenance, and we've had zero p” - Roger P.
  • “It was a simple 2 day process. I called them - got an immediate schedule to veeify things and get a quote on Day 1.” - Jack L.
  • “Airstream replaced an older central unit and installed an EV charger at our home. Both jobs were performed as scheduled and for the quoted prices. Pricing was fair and all of their guys showed up on time. Their work was tidy, and the install guys were all ” - Taylor S.
  • “Airstream was our one stop shop so to speak. They fulfilled all of our many needs. Our outdoor electric panel was 20 years old, and needed an upgrade. [safety measure] Please know Airstream did not try to sell us anything unneeded. This was one of the jobs” - Juanita M.
  • “I am constantly blown away with our experiences with airstream and their entire team! We have used them since they started up 10 years ago, and it was just Gus (the owner) on a mission to provide good, honest service to our community.” - Katherine E.
  • “Very professional in the way they communicate with the customers and each other! Very reasonable prices and fast service.” - Kevin L.
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