Murfreesboro Heating Exchangers

As we move into the winter months, Murfreesboro heating and HVAC systems are beginning to go into full gear. Airstream Services provides professional and quality work when it comes to all heating issues in Murfreesboro. It is generally best to have an annual preventative maintenance set up just to cover all of the checkpoints needed to ensure your heating and HVAC system is running efficiently and effectively. One important component to verify and inspect the gas heat exchanger to make sure there are no cracks.

There are ways to find cracks in heat exchangers that do work and can be learned with a little bit of skill and knowledge of where to look. Without a doubt, the only surefire and 100% best way to find a crack is visually. Although I don’t condone sticking your face in front of a furnace to watch the flame for disturbances, there are other ways to determine this.

If your gas heating exchanger does have a crack in it, you run the problem of allowing carbon monoxide, “The silent killer”, in your home. I always recommend to have carbon monoxide detectors in every room of your home for this specific reason.

Professional pressure testing and flue gas testing are ways to identify whether or not you have cracks in your gas heat exchanger or carbon monoxide leaks.

Experience and knowledge of particular equipment will help you know where the flaws typically occur. Just be sure that in the hunt for cracked heat exchangers, you don’t overlook a water heater in the corner producing thousands of parts per million of carbon monoxide waiting to cause a problem.
Airstream Services has provided years of heating and HVAC services to Murfreesboro, TN residents. Give us a call today for an HVAC and heating inspection prior to getting to far into the winter months:

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