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Airstream Services provides electrical wiring services for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Our electricians are licensed and trained to install or replace wiring for three-phase power, generators, indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting. Whether you need a simple wiring upgrade or a complete rewiring, we have the experience and skill to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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When to Consider a Rewiring

Over time, electrical wiring can deteriorate, become outdated, or simply fail to meet the demands of modern-day electrical appliances and devices. Knowing when to consider a rewiring project is essential to avoid potential hazards and to keep your home up-to-date with electrical standards. Look out for the following signs:

1. Frequent Electrical Issues: If you find yourself dealing with frequent electrical problems like tripping circuit breakers, frequent blown fuses, or flickering lights, it may indicate underlying wiring issues. Electrical components that are faulty or outdated can lead to unsafe situations and should be addressed promptly through rewiring.

2. Outdated Wiring: Homes that were constructed several decades ago may still have outdated electrical systems that are unable to handle the power requirements of modern technology. Older wiring, such as knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, can be a fire hazard and is often insufficient for today's electrical loads.

3. Overloading and Insufficient Outlets: If you find yourself relying heavily on extension cords and power strips due to insufficient outlets, it's time to consider rewiring. Overloading your electrical system can lead to overheating and potentially cause electrical fires. A rewiring project can add more outlets strategically placed throughout your home to accommodate your electrical needs safely.

4. DIY Electrical Work or Poor Previous Installations: In some cases, homeowners may have attempted DIY electrical work or had unqualified individuals perform installations. Such work can be hazardous and may not meet electrical codes and standards.

5. Home Renovations and Additions: When you're planning extensive renovations or adding new rooms to your home, it's an opportune time to consider rewiring. Upgrading your electrical system during these projects ensures that all newly added areas are adequately powered and that the entire electrical system meets current safety standards.

6. Safety Concerns: Above all, if you have any safety concerns related to your electrical system, such as exposed wires, sparks, burning smells, or unusual sounds, do not hesitate to have a professional electrician inspect your home. Prompt action can prevent accidents and protect your property and loved ones.

Benefits of a Rewiring

Getting rid of your old, outdated wiring and replacing it with new, high-quality wiring has many benefits including:

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Increased Electrical Capacity
  • Compliance with Electrical Codes
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Reliable Electrical Performance
  • Improved Property Value
  • Flexibility and Customization

Our electricians at Airstream Services can help you determine if a rewiring is needed for your home or business. We can also help you determine the best way to get the job done while minimizing disruption to your property. We use the highest quality materials and can get your rewiring done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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  • “This was absolutely perfect service! The guy that came to our house was amicable and kind all the way through. They seemed to care about fixing our house and what he could do for us rather than how much money he could make for his company.” - Addy K.
  • “This is the second year in a row we've been working with them, and they always do thorough and quality work. The people that have come to the house have always been very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with regardless of the work being done.” - Michael W.
  • “Hiller came out twice within a month to try to figure out and fix the issue, but they were totally useless. The third time it went out in 90+ degree heat, they refused to get us in sooner than a week and half later. We decided to cut our losses and go with” - Ashton A.
  • “This is a great company! They helped us in a time of need. Our heat went out and it was 23 degrees. Dan was prompt and professional.” - Dolores M.
  • “After a night and day sweating in our house, we realized our AC was really broken and I called Airstream thinking they were a Lebanon company. I was surprised to hear they're based in M'boro but still service Lebanon. They were kind on the phone and said t” - A F.
  • “Airstream replaced an older central unit and installed an EV charger at our home. Both jobs were performed as scheduled and for the quoted prices. Pricing was fair and all of their guys showed up on time. Their work was tidy, and the install guys were all ” - Taylor S.
  • “We had our Bi-Yearly service check of our Home & Shop Heating & Cooling Systems. As always, the Service Techs were on time, courteous & professional.” - Kelly P.
  • “Dillon was on time, professional, thorough and friendly. He took the time to explain everything to me. We just moved here and the previous owners left us a typed list of services they used.” - Renee G.
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